Topic Overview

What’s hiding in your closet? How to uncover your organization’s dysfunctions

In this lively, provocative and engaging presentation, Rosie shows audience members how to expose and fix those things that are getting in the way of the organization fulfilling its full potential. Not afraid to talk about organizational sacred cows, she engages the audience in an entertaining hunt for dysfunctionality and outlines what everyone, regardless of their position in the organizational hierarchy, can do to create a healthy, sustainable, productive and profitable organization.

“They just don’t get it.” How to ensure your executives are on-board, without risking your own job

This no-nonsense and informative presentation outlines tried and tested strategies for those who, while not at the top themselves, nevertheless see the problems created by disconnected or ineffective executive leadership. Rosie presents a wide range of realistic and practical strategies that those in HR can use to inform, challenge and develop those at the top. In doing so, they will ensure success for leadership development initiatives and engagement strategies.

Executive Leadership: Getting it right at the top

In this thought-provoking and bold presentation designed for those at the top, Rosie identifies ways in which senior executives and managers can respond to the challenges of today and shed the vestiges of days gone by. Not afraid to state the hard truths regarding employee’s view of their executives, Rosie presents data that may surprise and shock many senior leaders. Exploring how these hard facts impact organizational effectiveness, Rosie shows executives how to gain a competitive advantage by developing their own leadership in new and relevant ways. She presents realistic and proven strategies to help today’s executives manage their host of conflicting priorities and lead in ways that meet the needs of their employees in today’s complex and challenging environment.

Do you have what it takes? A new approach to understanding your leadership

The complexity of today’s turbulent environment demands that leaders are at a later developmental stage of what is known as the Action Logic framework. Indeed, organizational transformation is simply not possible unless senior leaders and/or their advisors are at what is known as a “post-conventional” stage of Action Logic. In this informative and challenging presentation Rosie introduces the Action Logic framework. She challenges participants to reflect on their own stage of development and consider how this may inherently impede their leadership performance and that of their colleagues. With a multitude of examples, Rosie will show audience members how to use this framework to transform the leadership in their organization ─ and in so doing create the conditions for successful organizational transformation.
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