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Dr. Rosie Steeves
Dr. Rosie Steeves
President, Executive Works

Known Powerhouse and President
of Executive Works

Dr. Rosie Steeves is an accomplished, entertaining and thought-provoking speaker. Be it a keynote address, or a more intimate workshop setting, Rosie is always able to engage her audience in ways that leave them energized and invigorated with a renewed passion for developing themselves and their organizations.

Her sharp wit and infectious personality, combined with her deep knowledge of leadership and organizational effectiveness, make her both a captivating and powerful speaker. She knows leadership and she knows organizations and is not afraid to put this knowledge to good use. Whether it be on the topic of organizational engagement or executive development, no sacred cow is safe when Rosie is talking.

Consider the topics, all of which can be customized to best meet the needs of your event or organization. Whatever your setting – keynote, workshop or in-house – Rosie will be sure to offer your group a dynamic and stimulating presentation. Contact Rosie for more information.

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Dr. Rosie Steeves has been speaking to audiences, large and small, for many years. Her speaking career began over 20 years ago when, as the first female Executive Director of Outward Bound, she was frequently called on to share her personal journey and experience with Outward Bound. Since that time, Rosie has developed an extensive speaking repertoire in which she leverages her many stories and experiences of both good and bad organizational leadership. Rosie is a leadership expert and has the credentials to back it up, including a PhD in Human Development with a dissertation focused on leadership; a recently published book on executive leadership; and over 35 years of developing leadership in organizations. Whether it is recounting her experiences as the first female offshore engineer working in Australia, or exposing some of the myths of the C-suite, Rosie will be sure to offer your group a dynamic and stimulating presentation.

About Executive Works

Executive Works is the brainchild of Dr. Rosie Steeves, a known powerhouse in executive development. We partner with those at the top to create great organizations — competitive, profitable, sustainable organizations. We do this by helping executives do the right thing for their team, their people and the business. From building a sharp and agile executive team to implementing the systems and processes that create an engaged workforce, this is the development work that works.

An Executive’s Guide to Achieving Organizational Excellence

Unfortunately, all too often executive leadership is marked by good intent but ineffective practice. It needn’t be this way. In her bestselling book, Breaking the Leadership Mold. An Executive’s Guide to Achieving Organizational Excellence, Dr. Steeves identifies ways in which senior executives and managers can respond to the challenges of today and shed the vestiges of days gone by. Dr. Steeves presents proven strategies to ensure that executives empower, unite and galvanize their managers and employees. The net result will be a work environment that is healthy, engaging, productive and sustainable.

Breaking the Leadership Mold by Rosie Steeves
Order Rosie’s best-selling book, Breaking the Leadership Mold. An Executives’s Guide to Organizational Excellence.
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